Dependency Structure Matrix Add-In For Visual Studio

Based on the work of Neeraj Sangal, Ev Jordan, Vineet Sinha and Daniel Jackson in the paper: Using Dependency Models to Manage Complex Software Architecture you can now, direct from your Visual Studio solution :
  • Visualise software architecture even for large projects
  • Untangle complex inter-module dependencies
  • Identify design violations
Available for:
Download here - run the .MSI to install, then see README (in install directory) for further info.

To report bugs, suggest improvements or for any other feedback please drop me a mail

22 April, 2014

Version 2.1 Dependency Structure Matrix add-in for Visual Studio

New features

  • VS2013 now supported
  • Solution Folder level projects are now included in the dependency analysis
  • Auto-update mechanism
From this version on, the add-in will connect to this site on start up to check for new updates. For users of previous versions it will be necessary to manually download and install version 2.1. You may be required to uninstall any previous version first.

Ideas for future versions

  • Allow the creation of dependency rules and report contraventions as part of a CI pipeline
  • A standalone version – so that non VS/Reflector users can generate DSMs
As always I’m very interested to hear your suggestions for improvements and new features – let me know!

25 April, 2013

Quality From Up-High

Over at InfoQ Erik Doernenberg gives a nice talk on Software Quality presenting some simple and not so simple metrics along with some thresholds for giving a general quality overview of your software:
  • Cyclometric Complexity per Line of Code
  • No. of methods per class
  • Lines of Code per method
  • Lines of Test code to lines of production code

Based on these metrics it's easy to knock up a simple dashboard in Excel. At the end of each sprint I run the Calculate Code Metrics tool in Visual Studio and import the data in to my database. The Excel spreadsheet retrieves the data with a couple of SQL requests.

Some graphs plot the data over time:

24 April, 2013

The DSM Plugin featured on

An in-depth look at how my DSM plugin can help you analyse your architecture at
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